Who am I?

Headshot of myself.
Hi, I'm Lindsey.
When I'm not perusing the Internet to find something neat to incorporate into a website or app, you can probably find me in class or at work. I'm a third year Web and Mobile Computing major at Rochester Institute of Technology and I love designing and developing websites and apps. What do I believe in? Creating beautiful, accessible websites and apps that are dynamic and fun to use.

At the base of my soul, I am a curious person with high goals and big dreams. I love asking questions, taking things apart, and finding out how they work. I want to create a better world for the next generations, and I want to find ways to make life better.

Here's a little bit about me: I grew up in Rhode Island and am currently based out of Rochester, New York. I have a really cute dog and I enjoy creating cool things from chainmaille to stained glass to crocheted things, and of course, websites and apps.

Relevant Experience

Coming Soon - Software Engineering Intern @ WillowTree Apps

08/2020 - 10/2020 - Developer Contractor @ MassMutual
* Refactored code, improved layout of the Accounts sections on dozens of pages.
* Increased code readability through the increasing of comments, jQuery, and refined layout and organization.
* Visually and functionally tested code, found and fixed bugs, and updated code accordingly.
* Continued implementation of the new design standards of Version 2.0.
* Assisted in the training of three new developers for Agile practices as well as coding standards by coordinating with managers and other members of the team.

06/2020 - 08/2020 - Web Developer Intern @ MassMutual
* Designed, implemented, and deployed new updates for the Accounts team, used HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, jQuery, and Docker in an agile team of fifteen people.
* Reskinned the Accounts sections of the MassMutual.com website to fit the new design standards and ensured an overall more user friendly experience - changed over 100 files, increasing Aria utilization by 50%.
* Coordinated with members in and out of the team, across the company, in order to ensure the highest quality product possible.
* Ensured everything is correct for the more than 1.5 million users that are on the website.


30 Days of Web Design Challenge
* Utilize Figma and the Unsplash plugin to generate a random image and then design a website based on that image.
* Learn about new and upcoming design standards, how to properly implement them, and how to make a website not only accessible but aesthetically pleasing.
* Do this for 30 days minimum, continuing the trend.

Ponaganset Education Foundation
* Make use of PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and plugins in order to create a clean and easily accessible website.
* Work with and communicate with members of the Board in order to provide a high quality product that follows all requirements and do so in a timely manner.
* Include forms for events as well as detailed information about each event, allowing for potentially hundreds or more donations.
* Meet with and coordinate with several members of the board to discuss requirements and goals.

Personal Portfolio - Andrew Mendizabal
* Design, build, and deploy a unique, aesthetically pleasing personal portfolio website for client in order to help them land interviews and ultimately a career.
* Use Figma, Javascript, plugins, jQuery, and more in order to provide the best possible product for the client.
* Recieve and implement feedback from design stage all the way through the finalized product.

UX Studio
* In the span of three days and in a team of four, created a complete high-fidelty wireframe for the local nonprofit, CFC (Catholic Family Center).
* The design was built as a Crisis App and meant to serve for those feeling in danger to connect with a counsellor or help to calm themselves.
* Created over thirty pages to help clients using Figma.

Personal Portfolio
* Design, develop, and deploy a website to demonstrate my coding and design abilities, as well as showcasing other general strengths and skills.
* Use a mixture of technologies including Figma, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, plugins, and SEO in order to create the site.
* Version: 5.7


Rochester Institute of Technology
Web and Mobile Computing - B.S.
Fall 2018 - Spring 2022
3.67/4.0 GPA